How to Grow Your Business With SEM in 2017

Why is Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Important for all Businesses?

So you’ve already invested in a strategy to optimize your website, and you’ve seen an encouraging improvement in your search engine rankings as a result. But you are still striving to climb the ladder, to get clear of the pack, and stand out amongst the plethora of other websites offering similar services or products. The competition is fierce, so what do you do?

Have you Considered Search Engine Marketing?

san-jose-semSEM is a great way to ensure immediate visibility of your enterprise, particularly through Pay Per Click advertising. Essentially this entails placing bids on keywords that search engine users might use when looking for a particular product or service, which then provides the advertiser the opportunity for their ads to be displayed prominently alongside the results for those searches.

Keep in mind that those keywords form the cornerstone of effective search engine marketing so the necessary diligence should be applied when researching your PPC keyword requirements. Make sure to include all of the search parameters that prospective clients might consider when using a search engine to find a service or product just like the one you provide.
Simply put, by paying a small fee to a search engine company only when someone clicks on your product or service website advertisement, it receives preferential placement on the search result page.

Pay-per-click (PPC)

This allows you to maintain an extremely efficient marketing option that can yield instant results yet remain cost effective due to the ‘pay as you go’ concept of PPC. And what’s more, you can attract very specific audiences to your ads by using keywords, locations or even demographics to hone in on your target sector – which eliminates the hit and miss nature of mass marketing.
What’s more, it is possible to measure metrics through SEM so that you can always keep up to date with your marketing strategy. You can track the number of clicks you are receiving, stay abreast of how much you’re spending to reach your audience and understand any indications that it may be time to rethink your search engine optimization values. These are all great ways to monitor your return on investment and stay relevant in your particular marketplace.

Another great way of acquiring new business is to leverage the concept of retargeting, which employs cookie-based technology that uses code as a means to follow a potential customer around the Internet. Research shows that an incredibly high percentage of website visitors are not converted to customers on their first visit to a website. So, if someone visits your site but doesn’t decide to use your products or services on that occasion, recurring advertising can remind them of your business and can be an effective way of prompting them to return and carry out a transaction.

Search engine marketing, especially when partnered with a great search engine optimization strategy can provide multiple avenues of customer coverage and increase revenue generation with a highly attractive ROI. If you are not considering SEM to meet your business goals, you could be missing out on a massive online opportunity.

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