Optimize Your TikTok Channel to Grow Your Audience in 7-steps

Get Started Optimizing Your Channel

Pro Tip #1 – Optimize Content Available for the For You Page

  • Use trending hashtags
  • Creative Content
  • Aim for 30-second or less in your video
  • Use the TikTok Pro + Analytics.  Check what’s working and what’s not!

Pro Tip #2 – Post Valuable Content

  • Relevant content speaks to your audience which equals ENGAGEMENT!

Pro Tip #3 – Use Trending Sounds and Effects

  • University studies show that music, sounds, and effects keep the audience engaged.

Pro Tip #4 – Collaborate with other TikTok Creators

  • Cross-sharing will help you reach a new audience, and is a win-win scenario for both creators.  Always use Follow, Like, and Share in your videos.

Pro Tip #5 – Cross-promote on other platforms like Instagram

  • Sharing your TikTok videos to Instagram, with a clear call-to-action, will help grow your TikTok audience. 

Pro Tip #6 – Send a Thank You to your Audience by TikTok Message

  • Reach out to your audience when they follow you with a thank you!  It is a WONDERFUL place to market your audience with a link or a video to Like and Share! To do this, click the Inbox icon in the App and select the follower. Create the personal thank you message, and don’t forget to add your marketing.

Pro Tip #7 – Use a Landing Page to Engage Your Audience

  • It is a spotlight-focused web page to boost your products and services. Click here to learn about our Landing Page Services. Landing Pages start at $100.00 per page. Term and Condition do apply.

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