New Customer Q&A With Google Maps

New Interactive Questions & Answers With Google’s Maps

New Q & A Google Maps – Sure Exposure, Inc.

When visiting a business, especially for the first time, Google Maps is often the first place people check. Now, there is a feature that will make this application more powerful and useful for both the customer and the business. People often have questions to ask, and although many sites offer FAQs or search for the answers, it is more convenient to have everything in one place.

Google recently announced the addition of Questions and Answers to business listings on Google Maps for Android. This gives you an additional avenue to interact and engage with your current and potential customers. The questions will give you some valuable insight into what people are looking for and the business answers will help people determine if the place is suitable for their needs.

Questions, such as “Does this restaurant offer vegetarian meals?” or “What time does XYZ open on Sundays? ” can now be posted on the application. Users will get a notification when someone answers their questions, and registered businesses with Google Maps on Android will receive a push notification when new questions are posted. Users and business owners will be able to answer other people’s questions and upvote questions. The questions that have the most upvotes will appear first.

What does this mean for business owners?

First, it is important to be aware of this new development and how it will affect you. If you do your own online management or it is outsourced, someone needs to monitor these questions and answers. Businesses can also add their own FAQs to the app. If they do not already have a FAQ page, this is the perfect excuse to get it done.

Businesses that manage all aspects of their online presence, including new developments such as this, will have the edge over competitors. Over time, the answers will increase in accuracy, but it is important that businesses check that the correct information is being posted, as well as answer all the questions. They can also gather valuable marketing data from the questions and probably discern new opportunities based on what the people are asking.

This new feature is currently being rolled out worldwide and, for now, there are no immediate plans to offer it on iOS.

How to answer questions on the app:

  1. Check that you are running the latest version of Google Maps.
  2. Go to the app and sign in.
  3. Search for what you are looking for or tap directly on the map.
  4. The address and name of the place will appear at the bottom; tap on where you want to go.
  5. If you have been there before, a “Know this place?” reminder will appear on the app.
  6. To answer a question, simply tap OK.

Make sure your company is taking advantage of this powerful new feature and managing the process correctly. Make sure that you also have the latest version of Google Maps and check that you are receiving notifications and someone is acting on them.

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